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movies / commercials

title: Mantikor - Short film | 2018
directed by: Duc-Anh Dinh
role: Benny (Hauptrolle)

title: Heldt: Ewig mein | 2017
directed by: Sascha Thiel
role: Lukas Ahrberg
production: Sony Pictures Film und Fernseh Produktions GmbH (ZDF)
Link: ZDF-Mediathek

title: Break my Habits - Music video | 2016
directed by: Marvin Ströter
role: NR
production: WEVAME Medienproduktion
Link: YouTube

title: Run Run Run - Music video | 2016
directed by: Jascha Baum
role: HR
artist: Sam Moran
Link: YouTube

title: Hubert und Staller: Schwer erziehbar | 2016
directed by: Sebastian Sorger
role: Jonas (episode leading role)
production: ENTERTAINMENT FACTORY Film + Fernsehproduktion GmbH (ARD)

title: Der Lehrer - Staffel 4 | 2015
directed by: Sebastian Sorger / Sascha Thiel
role: Robin (continuous)
production: Sony Pictures Film und Fernseh Produktions GmbH (RTL)

title: Morgen hör' ich auf | 2015
directed by: Martin Eigler
role: Skater (speaking role)
production: Network Movie (ZDF)

title: Werbeclip für den Kölner Stadt Anzeiger | 2014
directed by: Philipp Bank
role: Zeitungsbote
production: center.tv

title: ESA Rosetta Voxpops | 2014
directed by: Alexander Lorenz
production: Design & Data GmbH

title: Getürmt | 2014
directed by: Michael Kleinfeld
role: Erich (leading role)

title: Werbeclip für Defi Köln | 2013
role: Max (leading role)
production: center.tv
Link: YouTube

title: Oz | 2012
directed by: Dennis Baumann
role: Oz (leading role)
production: Movie World Productions

title: Werbeclip für DSB (Digitales Schwarzes Brett) | 2012
role: Max (leading role)
production: Sommer & Co GmbH
Link: YouTube

title: Paradies | 2012
directed by: Caroline Kox
role: Tobi
production: unafilm


theatre / stage

title: 10 Milliarden - ohne mich | 2017
directed by: Bassam Ghazi
role: Ensemble/HR
playhouse: Schauspiel Köln, Depot 2

title: Wir über uns - Geschichten aus dem Kollektiv | 2016-2017
directed by: Bassam Ghazi
role: Ensemble/HR
playhouse: Schauspiel Köln, Depot 2

title: Mein Kültürcafé | 2016
directed by: Bassam Ghazi
role: Ensemble
playhouse: Schauspiel Köln, Außenspielstätte

title: Der Heilbutt | 2015
directed by: Thomas Ulrich
role: Der Hund (Ensemble/HR)
playhouse: Artheater, Köln

title: Sommernachtstraum | 2014
directed by: Thomas Ulrich
role: Demetrius
playhouse: Bauturm Theater, Köln

title: Lieblingsmenschen | 2013
directed by: Thomas Ulrich
role: Darius (HR/Ensemble)
playhouse: Theater der Keller, Köln

title: Hase Hase | 2013
directed by: Dominique Loufs
role: Hase Hase (leading role)
playhouse: metropol Theater, Köln

title: Butter Muss (Improvisationstheater) | 2011
direction: Thomas Ulrich
playhouse: Arturo, Köln

title: Ziegenbartsitzung | 2010
direction: Jürgen Becker
playhouse: Engelshof

title: Die Maskengang | 2009
directed by: Myriam Chebabi
role: Bo (leading role)
playhouse: Comedia Colonia



title: Unterm Sofa (Zwei Live-Hörspiele) | 2013
rolen: Adrian (leading role), Manuel Schwert
production: Blubb.Hörspiel

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